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So Clean and Bright

Thank you for the great service. Your help with getting my new dentures was great. Very happy with them. The office staff was so pleasant and helpful. The offices were so clean and bright. Thank you and will refer you to our friends and Family.

February 1, 2022

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These teeth are a dream!

I've had my new dentures and partials in for a while now and there are absolutely no problems. They fit perfectly and are completely comfortable. And I have to tell you I'm really surprised. Previous ones have never fit like this and I've also had problems with the top denture digging in under my nose and causing a lot of pain and even headaches. After being told “a certain amount of discomfort is inevitable with dentures” by multiple denturists and dentists, I felt I just had to accept the situation. To discover now that's not true, seriously annoys me.

As far as appearance goes, they are pretty and natural looking and Hassan was right about the colour choice. Something I wasn't expecting was the improvement to the shape of my mouth.

So all in all, I've got nothing but praise for you Hassan, and I really am grateful. These teeth are a dream! And thanks also, to both you and Hanaa, for making me feel so comfortable and at ease.

Laurie Jakab February 24, 2020

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I’m very pleased..

..with the excellent work Hassan had done on my new partial dentures.  I HIGHLY recommend Market Mall Denture Clinic for your next dentures!

Joyce February 18, 2020

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Has made a huge difference in my life

The partial denture made for me has made a huge difference in my life and has made me a more happy and confident person. Hassan put a lot of time and effort into making my denture look as natural as possible and I am so pleased with the result. The denture is functional, fits very well and looks great. Hassan is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I had about the denture. The friendly environment created by Hanaa and Hassan is very welcoming. I would definitely recommend Market Mall Denture Clinic. I am so happy with my denture and their service.

Tiana Partial Denture August 15, 2018

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Thank you for giving me my smile back!

I would highly recommend this Denturist to anyone. Hassan listened to how I wanted my dentures to look and fit. As a result they look great and natural and fit snug with no issues. I have had many compliments already. Thank you for giving me my smile back!

Victoria May 25, 2018

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Never been happier wearing dentures.

I received a complete set of new dentures from Market Mall Denture Clinic. Hassan and his receptionist, Hanaa, were both excellent people to deal with and the new dentures look so real they look like my original teeth. I am totally thrilled and would recommended Hassan to anyone contemplating new dentures. Never been happier wearing dentures.

Karen May 25, 2018

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Best phone call I have ever made.

I would like to share my very happy story with everyone wearing dentures or about to start, especially if you are having problems with ill fitting and sore gums. I have suffered for 16 years and have had many sets from different denturists, which all made the same empty promise “Oh I can take care of your problems”. After many trips back for adjustments with relief, I finally gave up and used Cushion Grip (which is now no longer available). Being a Senior with other problems I could no longer tolerate the pain from my very sore mouth. I decided to give it one last try and turned to the Yellow Pages. I had a good feeling about Hassan at Market Mall Denture Clinic. I made the phone call and it turned out to be the best phone call I have ever made. Hassan is the most caring and pleasant professional I have ever met. He is very honest and straight forward and treats you as his equal. You feel at ease the minute he walks in to see you. Most importantly he LISTENS to your concerns and needs. Even with my very damaged and sore gums, it did not deter him. He took the time to discuss the best possible way to proceed. Which we did and 3 visits and 2 weeks later I came home with perfect fitting teeth. They look and feel just like my own natural teeth. Do not suffer another day, pick up the phone and make the call. You will be greeted with an equally pleasant receptionist, which is Hassan’s sister. She has the same caring compassion towards everyone. Hassan truly is the best denturist you will ever find. A real pleasure to talk to and his goal is to see you happy. I hope my story can help those who feel they just have to suffer it out, believe me you do not. Just make the call and change your life for the better.

Merion May 25, 2018

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Very comfortable dentures

Your clinic and staff are wonderful and very welcoming! Thank you for the superb dentures. Never had a set of dentures this comfortable. You're the best.

John May 10, 2018

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Baby impressions – a remarkable work of art

We were very impressed by the warm family reception we experienced at your clinic. We had three different procedures done and all were excellent. Our first was the teeth whitening. I can't even express how fast and noticeable the change was with my teeth. Love it!! Secondly, I needed a night guard, and waking up without a sore jaw is a major bonus!! Lastly, and to my heart, the most important...the casting you have made of my son’s hand and foot is a REMARKABLE WORK OF ART!!! Thank you so much for your time and talent ....we shall be back!!!

The Chehades May 10, 2018

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Inviting atmosphere

I thank you and commend you for the warm inviting atmosphere and the high quality of service at your clinic. You are #1!!

Shirley May 10, 2018

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Willing to accommodate

I was very happy with quality of service provided. The staff is always very flexible and willing to accommodate last minute requests if possible.

Carol Carol May 10, 2018

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Highly qualified denturis

I would like to recommend Hassan as a highly qualified denturist. I have found him to be excellent at his profession and always understanding and pleasant. I was very impressed with his clinic and his staff.

Stella Stella May 10, 2018

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Perfectly fit dentures

I am very pleased with the service provided by Market Mall Denture Clinic. After being fitted for new dentures I put in my new dentures for a perfect fit. In 4.5 years I have never had to return for any adjustments. I wish to recommend this clinic for very efficient and skillful service.

Leo May 10, 2018

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Utmost satisfaction

My personal experience with Hassan at Market Mall Denture Clinic has been excellent. Whenever I have had a problem it was dealt with in a timely manner and to my utmost satisfaction. Having worn dentures for many years, I have no problem in recommending his services.

Janet Janet May 10, 2018

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I would recommend Market Mall Denture Clinic to anyone

I would like to recognize Market Mall Denture Clinic on what a great job they did on my dentures. They did such a great professional job on fitting and making my dentures look so natural. I was very pleased and they look after you so good. I would recommend Market Mall Denture Clinic to anyone looking to get new dentures. Hassan did such a great job. I will come back again.

Clint Clint May 10, 2018

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More confidence in myself and much more enjoyment in dining

A couple of years ago I walked into the Market Mall Denture clinic needing some advice on how to proceed with my teeth situation. Hassan was able to guide me to an excellent dentist and then proceeded to develop my upper and lower dentures. I had several years of frustration with partial and bridges and deteriorating teeth. Once I received my new dentures from Hassan I felt like I had a new lease on life. This resulted in much more confidence in myself and much more enjoyment in dining. A great set of dentures and a very professional job. Both Hanaa and Hassan helped make this a very positive experience for me. I am pleased with the choice I made.

Douglas Douglas May 10, 2018

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I am extremely pleased…

In the past year I have had new dentures made, both upper and lower at the Market Mall Denture Clinic. I am extremely pleased with the dentures and the service provided to me. From entering the office where Hanaa greeted me to completion of the teeth by Hassan, I was shown respect and the desire to make my appearance the best.

Having worn dentures since a young age, now a senior, I know it is most unusual to return only once for an adjustment, but that is all it was for me this time. However, on returning they were most pleasant and suggested I come in at any time I wasn't comfortable with my dentures.

Would I recommend Market Mall Denture Clinic - You bet!!!!

Marilyn Marilyn May 10, 2018

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