Denture Repairs & Relines in Calgary

Comprehensive Denture Care

Since 1981, Market Mall Denture Clinic has offered complete denture care to patients across the region. From fabricating custom nightguards to whitening your teeth to their original lustre, our team is committed to your smile in everything we do. We also offer a full range of denture repairs to our patients. We know that prompt, personalized service is critical to delivering denture repairs you can count on. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you when you’re searching for denture repairs in Calgary.

Tips to Avoid Denture Repair

Even with great care and supervision, most people find their dentures need professional repair at some point. Whether it’s a simple repair or a more involved procedure such as a reline, denture repairs can be a distraction.

Help preserve your dentures by:

  • Using a brush with soft bristles – Using a brush with hard bristles can cause micro-abrasions on your dentures and eventually wear them down, necessitating denture repairs earlier than expected.
  • Avoiding biting on hard foods – Easier said than done! One of the most common causes of denture damage is biting on hard foods like apples, nuts and candy. Pay attention to what you’re eating to prevent denture repairs in Calgary.
  • Handling your dentures above a soft surface – Cleaning or handling your dentures above a soft surface can help cushion the impact if you accidentally drop them, potentially preventing chips and cracks in your dentures. Lay a hand towel over your sink our countertop to help protect your dentures.

Denture Relines in Calgary & Area

Market Mall Denture Clinic is proud to offer denture relines in Calgary. As you and your dentures age, periodic relines are important to help them retain their shape and grip, which in turn helps you speak, chew and smile easily. Dentures that haven’t been realigned can gradually wear against your soft tissue and bone, causing a host of issues.

At Market Mall Denture Clinic, our goal is to ensure that your dentures continually have a perfect fit. Our in-house lab allows us to make quick work of denture relines, helping you return to your active, engaged life as quickly as possible. No matter what your Calgary denture reline entails, you can expect personalized service when you choose Market Mall Denture Clinic.

Schedule Calgary Denture Repairs or Relines

If you need Calgary denture repairs, you want prompt and professional service. Market Mall Denture Clinic is proud to offer patient-focused care, always committed to your health, comfort and satisfaction. For top quality denture relines and total denture repairs choose Market Mall Denture Clinic. Call our Calgary denture clinic today to schedule Calgary denture repairs at (403) 247-6222.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • On-site Lab
  • Personalized Service
  • Full variety of Denture Services
  • Can Perform Repairs While You Wait
  • Serving Calgary Since 1981